"Hand-stitched": lovers of very high level for this season 2

Monday, January 04, 2016
Vikki R Kim

In the former Parisian printing now serves as workshop in candidates stitched hand, Cristina Cordula wanders with enthusiasm and his famous smile. During the filming of season 2 last spring,canada goose sale the moderator of the French favorite, regaled. "This season, I had a big surprise: amateur designers are very high level. '' Before I told myself 'when amateur, it is amateur'. But this year, it's a level that I never imagined,"she exclaimed. "Sometimes, Amparo Lellouche and Julien Scavini [the jurors CANADA GOOSE CHILLIWACK BOMBER Spirit MENS of the competition, two sewing professionals] say that it is so well done that one could find their piece in the store."
Amparo Lellouche, former model maker at Balenciaga, shared his astonishment: "candidates were trained and were very involved. They know many techniques (pockets, back of the pants, pants). And at the level of creativity, they are strong this year! ». They had, for example, 'transforming a suit old-fashioned in costume, woman within two hours'. "I do not know how they did!", still wonders vocational, canada goose langford parka navy impressed.
"Of the events it would have ever proposed in the first season.
"To authorizing tests that it would have never proposed in first season. For example, canada goose chilliwack bomber sale the making of a Duffle coat. A coat requires a lot of work and know-how. They will also make a late wedding dress, slips Gery Leymergie, producer BBC Worldwide, which promises more tutorials to the antenna to help viewers realize the pieces at home.
"Last year, as there are very different levels, the candidate was eliminated felt canada goose chilliwack bomber cheap come and accepted it. It is less easy this year, commented canada goose langford parka online the Julien Scavini tailor. And they have more pronounced characters this season... »
The three darlings of Cristina
This year, four men and eight women between 20 and 60 years of universe canada goose chilliwack bomber very varied (cosplay, street wear, etc.) compete by sewing machine proxy. Cristina Cordula admit to having 'a few faves': 'I like canada goose langford parka although Rodrigues, with his accent. What he does is quite nice. I like the character. There's also Jocelyn. He is adorable. Sewed him hidden from his mother when he was small, to not get scolding. He is self-taught and rather in the streetwear, GNI. Then Frederic, the butcher, is super too.
The professional and jurors say have learned many things during the shooting thanks canada goose langford parka sale to these new participants. 'I come from the world of the man suit. It is very standard with very few rooms, few techniques. I work mainly wool, a little cotton and liners, says Julien Scavini. I learn every day, humanely and technically. »